SPECIAL Friday Nights with Your Favorite OTM Teachers

Each Friday night will feature a different OTM teacher.  Each class will feature a different yoga style.  The different style often reflects the passion of the teacher.  Come join us and share our passion! REGISTER NOW for any of these Fridays on our  SCHEDULE page.

Friday, February 16 & 23rd~ NO CLASS

Friday, March 2nd from 6-7:15pm~ "Yin Yoga" with Amy Barber.  A great quote by Bernie Clark, "Our goal is not to become perfect, our goal is to become Whole". and that is Yin Yoga...It is the yoga practice of finding balance in a very Yang world and lifestyle. Yin is the opposite of our Yang lifestyle but extremely complimentary. The perfect compliment to your body. In Yin yoga, you are asked to relax in the posture, soften the muscle and move closer to the bones while accessing the deeper connective tissue and fascia. You will be guided through meditation and energy work along the way. Many of the postures focus on an area that encompass a joint (hip and sacral). We will explore some standing, but mostly floor poses held in stillness. Allowing these passive, long holds to strengthen and hydrate joint tissue.

Friday, March 9th from 6-7:15pm~ "Restorative Yoga" with Linda Malcomb. Linda returns for 75 minutes of bliss. Using bolsters, props and the wall, we will take a deep dive into wholeness. Slow, gentle movements and long soaks in stillness coupled with awareness and breathing will open into the depths of authentic quiet presence.  We will listen deeply with compassion and respect and our bodies will feel us listening and invite us to observe the grand mysteries of our own inner landscape. In open curiosity, we will explore the energetic field in and around our bodies and watch as presence blooms into resonance and vitality!

Friday, March 16th from 6-7:15pm "Candlelight Restore and Renew" with Loren Winters. Open your heart on a cold winter's night for a restorative candlelight very slow flow with Loren. Bring a friend or spouse, or make it a Mom's night out.  Part of the proceeds will benefit DIAS a local organization that helps to provide housing and support to refugees and asylum seekers in our area. 


Prenatal Yoga with Loren Winters

On March 10, 17, 24 & 31, OTM welcomes all expecting moms to join Loren from 11:45am-12:45pm for Prenatal Yoga.
Yoga practice will be modified for pregnancy with emphasis on maintaining strength and stamina, as well as focused attention to breath and quieting of the mind. At the end of each practice, there will be a guided relaxation. Along with poses designed specifically for pregnancy, Loren will also show how to modify poses offered in a regular yoga class. 
Pregnancy is a time where change is so vividly a part of the daily experience! Prenatal yoga can help expecting moms feel more open to and accepting of these changes as well as more trusting of one's body and conscious of one's inner strength. 
"Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."
B.K.S. Iyengar 



Deep Stretch & More! Monthly Workshops with Vito Politano

Vito teaches yoga, provides Thai bodywork, studies Craniosacral Therapy and has completed Reiki 1.  He is grateful and inspired to share these powerful healing practices in his teaching. Not born a yogi, it took a neck injury to lead Vito to the mat in 2004.  With a debilitating fear of public speaking, Vito began teaching with great trepidation in 2007 while working in nonprofit management, and serving as a Baptiste Yoga assistant.  The opportunity to share the benefits of these practices inspired him to take the leap into teaching.

Vito teaches mindful and challenging alignment-based classes with a strong connection to breath. He also teaches “Deep Stretch Therapy” classes incorporating myofascial release using massage balls.  Fusing active and resistant stretching and ball rolling, along with more passive yin and restorative holds to get deep into muscles and fascia. This is a great opportunity for athletes, as well as all those who simply need a good stretch, to release tension and stress while building flexibility. Special attention will be paid to the neck and shoulders, hamstrings, hips, quads and lower back. The benefit of this work will be to relieve tension created from workout endeavors as well as time spent sitting behind a desk. Yogis, runners, skiers, cyclers, bootcampers, and barre practitioners will all benefit greatly from this important investment. His care and attention to safety and therapeutics enable students to open body, heart and mind in a deep and sustainable way.

Strongly committed to self-development, Vito informs his practice through regular study and training of Yoga, philosophy, anatomy, physiology and bodywork. He incorporates all of his studies into his teaching. Vito was named lululemon Ambassador for the Boston Prudential store in 2012.  For more information:


Sun Mar 11 from 1-3pm      (Deep Stretch Therapy & Myofascial Release)    

Sat Apr 14th  from 2-4pm   (Yin, Restore & Roll)

Cost: $35  Space is limited to 25. Sign up on our SCHEDULE page


Flower Yoga for Children with Tara Rachel Jones

Children are born in a state of yoga (union). However, in this culture, many children are moving at a much faster pace than they are naturally developing. This inevitably puts stress on their young bodies and spirits. A yoga practice gives them the opportunity to slow down, reconnect and establish their inner rhythm, thus balancing their energy. The self-motivation and independence that blossoms through their yoga practice expresses itself in other areas of their lives. Come and join the Joy and Play!

Every Thursday from 4-4:45p.m. Flower Sprouts n Buds (ages 3-7) 
drop off or parents welcome

Costs:  $15-drop-in Child ($13 per class if you sign up for 6 classes)
$25 drop-in Parent & Child ($22 per class if you sign up for 6 classes)

See: for Tara’s background, teaching style and detailed class descriptions!

Please call Tara 781-248-4108 with any questions!

Special Festival Classes for 6-10 year olds!

Sunday, February 18 from 2-3:15pm : Heartfulness

Little Mouse has a Big Red heart to give. Who ever thought it would be a struggle to find someone to receive his heart? With a little help from an unexpected friend, Little Mouse finds a way. We will use our hearts in fun group and partner poses, heartfulness breathing and relaxation. Flower YogArt: Make a Heart-fullness jar!

Sunday, March 18 from 2-3:15pm: We are All Connected

Come Celebrate the Spring Equinox Yoga. Discover the wonders of Spring: animals, plants and the world awakening with a “wee bit of magic” the little folk. How are we all interconnected? Unravel a Yoga Knot, practice Mandala Yoga and Rainbow Relaxation! Flower YogArt: Celtic Mandala Coloring.

Sunday, June 10 from 2-3:15pm: The Wonder of Life

A Golden Deer teaches a prince the value of life and growing a bog heart in a Buddhist Jataka Tale. Balancing Postures and Kindness Meditation will support our awareness of connecting with the whole of life. Flower YogArt: Wonder-Window.

Sign up on the SCHEDULE page.