Deep Stretch with Vito Politano

Therapeutic Rolling & Stretching using the wall and other props! Fusing active and resistant stretching and ball rolling, along with more passive yin and restorative holds to get deep into muscles and fascia. This is a great opportunity for athletes, as well as all those who simply need a good stretch, to release tension and stress while building flexibility. Special attention will be paid to the neck and shoulders, hamstrings, hips, quads and lower back. The benefit of this work will be to relieve tension created from workout endeavors as well as time spent sitting behind a desk. Yogis, runners, skiers, cyclers, bootcampers, and barre practitioners will all benefit greatly from this important investment. Class size is limited to make use of the wall space and to maximize attention for optimal therapeutic effect. Class includes an optional assisted savasana.  For more information on Vito and his teaching, visit his website at

When: New Date Coming Soon!

Cost: $35 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  Space is limited to 25.


Flower Yoga for Children with Tara Rachel Jones

Children are born in a state of yoga (union). However, in this culture, many children are moving at a much faster pace than they are naturally developing. This inevitably puts stress on their young bodies and spirits. A yoga practice gives them the opportunity to slow down, reconnect and establish their inner rhythm, thus balancing their energy. The self-motivation and independence that blossoms through their yoga practice expresses itself in other areas of their lives. Come and join the Joy and Play!

When: Starts up again on Jan 19! (sign up on our SCHEDULE page)

3:45-4:30p.m. Flower Sprouts n Buds (ages 3-7) 
drop off or parents welcome

Costs:  $15-drop-in Child ($13 per class if you sign up for 6 classes)
$25 drop-in Parent/Child ($22 per class if you sign up for 6 classes)

See: for Tara’s background, teaching style and detailed class descriptions!

Please call Tara 781-248-4108 with any questions!


21 Day Revolution! with Jane Cargill and Ramsay Trussell

Step into 2017 with a renewed commitment to your health and well-being! For 21 days, Jane Cargill and Ramsay Trussell will help you shape a new daily routine around yoga, meditation and healthy eating. Your daily routines, "dynacharya", ground you and awaken your appetite for life. If you are tired of feeling tired and need to re-focus your attention on your physical and mental health, this might be the start you seek.

For 21 Days, we will use a daily yoga and meditation as well as self-inquiry and a balanced diet to help guide you towards "whole-life health". Jane has led hundreds of Boston-area yogis through Baron Baptiste's famous 40 Days to Personal Revolution and now she brings the very best of it to the 21 Day Revolution at OTM! To be clear, this personal revolution is not about changing who you are. This is about changing some of your habits so you can awaken to your true Self.

We will communicate daily via an on-line support group and we will meet 4 times on Sundays (January 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd). Every three days, we will explore a different topic on-line as it relates to your life: Presence, Vitality, Equanimity, Restoration, Centering & Triumph.

It's the practice of mindful, daily routines that creates lasting change in your life. Let us begin!!

Dates: We will run another session in the spring. Stay tuned!

Cost: Includes 21 days of unlimited yoga at OTM, daily on-line support & 4 weekly meetings that will center around meditation, restoration, discussion about planning your week ahead, eating for vitality & your body type.

We will use Baron Baptiste's 40 Days to Personal Revolution as a reference. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE on Amazon.

Questions? E-mail