Prenatal Yoga

For four weeks in March, we are offering a Prenatal class on Saturdays at 11:45am. Yoga practice will be modified for pregnancy with emphasis on maintaining strength and stamina, as well as focused attention to breath and quieting of the mind.

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Friday Night Yin

Join Amy Barber for some Yin Yoga on Friday, March 2 from 6-7:15pm. Using bolsters, props and the wall, experience slow, gentle movements and long soaks in stillness. These passive, longer holds will strengthen and hydrate joint tissue.

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Vito Politano Returns

Sun. Mar. 11, Vito teaches “Deep Stretch Therapy”, incorporating myofascial release using massage balls. Fusing active and resistant stretching and ball rolling, along with more passive yin and restorative holds to get deep into muscles and fascia.

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