Ramsay Trussell, OTM owner

Ramsay (RYT 500) began practicing yoga in 2000 and was drawn to the strong, physical aspects of the practice. The unexpected bonus was that this physical practice also brought about a quiet mind that other athletic endeavors had not. Ramsay enjoys the challenge of finding a balance between strength and ease, power and letting go, in each class and in each pose. In 2008, she completed her 200-hour RYT teacher training with Natasha Rizopoulos of YogaWorks and in 2015 she completed her 300-hour RYT training again under Natasha's guidance. Ramsay’s classes combine the heat and flow of Ashtanga with a strong emphasis on precise alignment that comes from Iyengar. Ramsay is currently studying the Iyengar method in weekly classes with Patricia Walden.
Ramsay believes strongly that yoga is a practice of healing the body so, in 2015, she studied with both Julie Gudmestad and Judith Lasater, both of whom are renowned physical therapists, anatomists and yoga teachers. Classes with each of them helped to deepen Ramsay's knowledge of anatomy and yoga therapeutics. As a former TV producer, Ramsay enjoys the challenge of planning and producing a safe but challenging sequence for her students with a deep appreciation that every student is different and that each day is different. Be Present and Be Patient. As the great Pattabhi Jois said, “Little by little, all is coming”.


Vicki Evarts, OTM Founder

Vicki, a long-time committed athlete and marathon runner, discovered yoga in 2000 and has become a dedicated yoga practitioner. She and Bar Littlefield founded On the Mat in 2001 and owned and operated the studio until March 2013. She has pursued her teacher training with Baron Baptiste of Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, Shannah Green of the Nantucket Yoga Room, Tara Rachel Carey, and at Kripalu, where she completed her 200hr certification with Joseph Le Page of Integrative Yoga Therapy. On-going trainings include workshops with Ana Forest, Manju Jois, Steven Cheng of Dharma Mitra NY, Rolf Gates, Sean Corne, Desiree Rumbaugh, The Primary Series, and Beryl Bender Birch of The Hard and The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute as well as working privately with several Boston instructors. She is a registered yoga teacher with the California Yoga Alliance. Vicki also manages three grown daughters and a career as a realtor..

Amy Barber

Amy Barber

Amy is a certified yoga teacher and has a passion for fitness and the great outdoors. She loves creating art, immersing herself in yoga continuing education and raising her two children. Back in the early 90’s, while attending college in New York City, she discovered yoga. Seeking balance and clarity in her life, she continued with her practice, explored meditation and achieved her 200/500HR certifications from Mimi Louriero and Elliot McElDowney of 02Yoga and Rolf Gates. . Being titled “the watchful teacher” she teaches a variety of yoga styles.including the Ashtanga tradition in which she was initially trained. Amy enjoys teaching diverse classes including sharing basics with new yogis, restorative postures to compliment one’s practice, showing the benefits of yoga to the advanced athlete, teaching Power vinyasa flows to those seeking a fresh approach, as well as giving well-seasoned yogis new challenges. Her classes are easy to understand, anatomically cued with a creative philosophical twist. She explains the differences between effort and ease on the mat and how that can be applied to our lives off the mat. She encourages students to tap into how they feel, guiding them to take a break from the “over-thinking” mind and reminds students that our bodies are our best teachers. Currently, Amy is working on a yoga program for caregivers called “The Love-asana Project” and will work closely with the NAMI Organization.


Sammy Brown Goodrich

Lying on the floor with a herniated disc and a six month old lying before her, Sammy realized she desperately needed restoration, which she came to find in yoga. Starting with a wonderful teacher in the most humble of settings—a trailer classroom—Sammy discovered a way to approach both physical and spiritual life that sustains her. Inspired to share this practice with others, Sammy earned her 200 hour teaching certificate in 2008 with Rolf Gates. Since then, she has acquired her Balanced Athlete Certificate with Johnny Gillespe and pursues formal mediation training with David Nichtern in the Shambhala Tradition. Additionally, Sammy is a Reiki 2 Practitioner. Sammy deeply believes, as Pema Chodron said, “…you do it for all sentient beings. Your own experience of pleasure and pain becomes the way that you recognize your kinship with all sentient beings,” whether that person is the child lying before you who needs a lift, or the person who just cut you off in traffic. For more information about Sammy, her classes and music playlists for sharing, please visit sammybrown.com


Peter Crowley

Peter teaches what he practices. His sequences offer the opportunity to slow down and feel the effect of an embodied practice that pursues safety and alignment and sets roots for a lifelong practice. Peter encourages inquiry into deeper aspects of a meditative practice that nurtures introspection and self-discovery in a non-competitive environment. He believes that while our yoga practice is sacred and solemn, we must not lose sight of humor and humility.
He began teaching Primary Series in 2003 after taking his first 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training with Larry Schultz of It’s Yoga San Francisco. Following this, he regrouped for a few years and studied under the fierce Ana Forrest, completing her 200-hour Foundational and Advanced Teacher Training. In 2008, Peter began teaching full-time after leaving the field of Architecture. He has been studying alignment and asana with Barbara Benagh for the last two years. Today, his all-levels teaching style fuses the authenticity and strength of a Forrest practice with the deliberate sequencing and placement found in Barbara's slow flow vinyasa.

Adam Bio Picture

Adam DeVito

Yoga has been a journey that began at the end of Adam’s college career in 2012. After taking a few yoga classes with some friends, and noticing the profound impact it had on his body, Adam began to study through books and videos online. This was a hobby that he would indulge during free time or after his time spent at the gym. After many years of weightlifting, however, the lengthening and opening of the body that yoga offered was a welcome reprieve to his tight muscles. This soon became Adam’s main form of movement to increase both his strength and flexibility. More importantly, however, he felt a great sense of ease in his body when he wasn’t on that mat. This is really what has kept him coming back all these years.
After almost 5 years, Adam’s journey has shifted and changed multiple times along the way. He was a member with Americorp Cape Cod for 2 years, a full-time farmer as well as a full time yoga teacher and studio manager. He has taught at multiple studios in and around the Boston area including Down Under, Firefly, and Humble Warrior. He is currently enrolled in Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, where he is deepening his understanding of human anatomy and the power of touch to help the body heal. In class you can expect a heavy emphasis on alignment, while gently exploring ways to open the body with the greatest sense of ease. He will always encourage a sense of playfulness and lightness to the practice so that we can take ourselves a little less seriously and just enjoy the movement.


Liz Gawel

Liz Gawel (RYT-500) discovered yoga at a local Boston gym in 1999, but it wasn't until she moved to Las Vegas in 2001 that she began to consistently study the practice. During almost a decade of living in the desert, Liz studied and practiced traditional Ashtanga, multiple methods of Vinyasa flow, and eventually immersed herself in the Anusara yoga system. In 2009, Liz returned to the Boston area - completing both her 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training under the guidance of Natasha Rizopoulos. Liz has had the pleasure of assisting Natasha's weekly classes, workshops, and teacher trainings throughout New England.
Outside of her yoga practice, Liz is a massage therapist - completing foundational massage training in addition to specialized trainings in Myofascial Release and Thai Yoga Massage. She is a mother of two, Boston sports fan, a part-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard, and always working become a better cook.

Julia Hanlon1

Julia Hanlon

Julia Hanlon, is a yoga teacher, runner, and student of life. Julia began practicing yoga at the age of 16, when she was a student at nearby Concord Academy, eventually becoming a 500 hour RYT teacher during her sophomore year at Bates college. She is passionate about making the transformative practice of yoga accessible for everybody, and as a college freshman, founded the Bates Yoga Kula, an organization that hosts free yoga classes for students, faculty, and staff. Julia is deeply grateful to her teachers Jane Cargill, Gregor Singleton, Chanel Luck, and Ame Wren.
From 2014-2016, Julia hosted the Running On Om podcast (ROO), featuring over 200 interviews with a diverse group of innovators of the mind, body, and spirit connection- from authors, musicians, athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, yogis, to chefs- Julia believes that everyone has a story worth sharing.
With a BA in Ethnomusicology and Religion, Julia brings her studies of chanting and mindfulness to her soulful teaching style. As an avid runner, Julia has taught yoga to athletes around the world. In Julia’s classes, be challenged to explore your mind, body, and spirit. Julia currently teaches Baptiste-style flow classes around the Boston area.
To learn more about Julia’s yoga teaching schedule, ROO podcast library, and wellness adventures, visit www.runningonom.com.


Ori Z. Kilner

Ori has been practicing yoga since she was three years old. She was first introduced to yoga at the Iyengar Institute in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with Gary Bello. She grew up in a household where both parents practiced and taught yoga, meditation and philosophy. At age ten she traveled to the Himalayan Mountains to study the eight limb path of yoga at the International Meditation Institute where she was trained in the guru tradition. She studied vedant philosophy, Patanjali Yoga Darshan, Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit, mediation, stotrams, chants, and yoga asana through varying styles, pranayama, ayurveda, public speaking, Dhyaan yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Raj Yoga. She received a Masters of Meditation when she was 16 years old, and taught Patanjali from the age of 13. She has been teaching yoga ever since. She has studied Hatha, Iyengar, Tibetan and Vinyasa Yoga. Ori is also trained in myofascial and deep tissue massage and aromatherapy as well as a children's yoga teacher. She is the mother of two daughters and an accomplished triathlete.


Linda Malcomb

Linda took her first teacher training in 1999 where Deb Neubauer came to lead an Anusara class. She was deeply moved and inspired by the alignment cues relating to the physical and also the inner body. After years of a vigorous practice leading to a plateau without much progress, she saw the transformative power of the Anusara method which reaches into the heart of the practitioner, finds the longing to remember our deepest power and glory, and calls this Truth out into expression through the physical practice. She has since deepened her exploration of the Anusara method with another year-long teacher training with Deb, and various retreats, workshops and immersions with Deb and other Anusara teachers acrosss the country, including the founder, John Friend.


Gregor Singleton

Gregor began teaching twenty years ago in London with the Concord Institute. When he moved to the United States he studied and worked closely for ten years with Baron Baptiste.
His teaching expresses the broad and simple truth that across all our vastly different beliefs, ideologies, cultures we are all united by a human body that is the same in design. What we do with what we have is up to us. Our human form can be the location of physical suppleness, mental acuity and magical feats of awareness or it can be where we harbor ourselves in fear and insecurity. Gregor teaches from a place where our practices are here to disentangle what is real and what merely pretends to be real.
He lives with his wife Claire Este McDonald, Isabella and Malachi along with their five dogs and two cats.


Sarah Wieland

Growing up, Sarah studied classical ballet with Jacki Cronsberg from the Boston Ballet and was a competitive
swimmer in college. Sarah turned to running in her 20’s and found half-marathons physically challenging, but was
looking for more of a mental challenge. After the birth of her identical twins, Sarah turned to yoga and found
increased energy and clarity after each yoga practice. Sarah completed her 200 hour training with Mimi Loureiro
from O2yoga in 2009. Sarah has experienced the invigorating but calming effects of a steadfast yoga practice and is
committed to sharing this with students through a challenging but creative sequence of poses. Sarah is also certified
in Wonderbarre which is an infusion of yoga, pilates and ballet and offers private sessions in both practices. Sarah
lives in Concord with her husband and identical twin teenage girls.


Loren Winters

Loren Winters (RYT 500) first sought out yoga for fitness. After a few years of a regular "power" based yoga practice, she enrolled in teacher training to learn more about alignment, breath and the yoga philosophy behind the asana. In 2010, she completed the YogaWorks 200hr teacher training instructed by master teacher Natasha Rizopoulos. At the time of the training, she was pregnant with her first child and learned to safely modify a regular vinyasa yoga practice for pregnancy. She then taught yoga to private clients and joined the assisting staff at Down Under Yoga in Newton. Seeking green space, she and her family moved to Concord in 2012. In February 2013, while pregnant with her second child, she completed a pre-natal yoga certification with Bec Conant of Om Births. In 2015, she graduated with a 300 hr intensive yoga teacher training at Down Under Yoga under the guidance of her teacher Natasha Rizopoulos, as well as Barbara Benaugh, Justine Wiltshire, Peter Crowley and many other master teachers. Since that time, she practices Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Kate O’Donnell and Rich Ray. Loren particularly enjoys breaking down a pose to the fundamentals which makes her well suited to teaching both beginners and students looking to refine their practice. She is a passionate advocate for yoga and a consistent student with an unquenchable thirst for learning. Just this November, she completed a year-long Ayurveda (the sister “life” science to yoga) fundamentals course with Kate O’Donnell and Hilary Garivaltis. Off the mat, Loren is an avid runner, Mom of 2 kids and works as an oncology nurse practitioner at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Breast Cancer.
A loved quote on the transformative power of yoga practice: “Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees”. B.K.S. Iyengar


Tara Rachel Jones, Children’s Yoga teacher

Tara Rachel has been a pioneer of children’s yoga in the Boston area. She has worked professionally with children since 1989. She has developed her own approach to children’s yoga; which is simply, yet uniquely a synthesis of education, developmental movement and yogic teachings; and has been teaching yoga to young people from the ages nursery through high school since 1997. She obtained a B.A. in Early Childhood Education (N-3) from Simmons College in 1991. She became a certified Montessori Teacher in 1992. Tara Rachel was introduced to Waldorf Education in 1997 while implementing her first children’s yoga program at a Waldorf inspired school. She completed the two- year Foundations Study Course in Waldorf Education in 2005 and now holds an M.Ed. from Antioch Graduate University in Waldorf Education. Tara Rachel teaches yoga in schools, organizations and studios all around the Boston area and runs a Teacher Training Course for those interested in teaching yoga to Toddlers, Children, Youth, Teens and Families. For more info on Tara and her teaching, visit www.floweryoga.com