Day 1~ In Gratitude

Thanksgiving greetings. From now until Christmas Eve I will be posting my thoughts as I practice yoga everyday. Often yoga teachers remind us to pause and be thankful for something in our lives. Right now I am thankful that I found On the Mat this past January. I brought along an aching left hip that chiropractic, physical therapy and other approaches helped, but could not heal. It got to the point that I had a hard time sleeping and was popping ibuprofens every night. One day at the swimming pool a guard saw me rubbing my lower back and suggested hot yoga. Hmm… I knew On the Mat was nearby, so I gave it a try. Now, after almost a year of teachers providing inspiration and me providing perspiration, the deep down hip discomfort is virtually gone. I’ve learned ways to use my mind, muscles and breath to both manage pain and improve overall fitness. As I share my perspective over the next month, I encourage you to reflect upon the ways that yoga and OTM have enhanced your life.