Eagle in the Tree



We teach the older girls in the morning from 7 to 9 am and from 6 to 7. We do a round robin with a head teacher and helpers. We also give each other suggestions because teaching 90 girls at a time is hard to gauge a room. Here’s a video of a really fun tag team progression.


I was teaching and thought of poses with words they could relate to. We are teaching in English to help the girls improve their English. I taught mountain as a way to come back to themselves. Close their eyes and feel their feet. Feel their power.


A little later I taught Tree, and their attention and focus was amazing. Hours of meditation practice will do that. Balance is instinctively good too. After seeing how well they did in Tree, I introduced Eagle arms. But before doing full Eagle, I had them do Eagle arms with tree legs. I mentioned the Eagle in the Tree and Wendy came rushing over.


She said, “Eagle in the Tree on the Mountain,” and here comes Crouching Tiger! So we demonstrated. I became the Eagle peacefully sitting in my Tree when Crouching Tiger slunk up and roared at the Eagle. That caused a enormous reaction of laughter, nuns and teachers alike.


We paired them up and had one be the Eagle in the Tree and the other Crouching Tiger. Needless to say everyone had fun! That was certainly the highlight of that class and shows the beauty of teaching yoga in collaboration.