Day 8: Yoga Discipline

There’s a big difference in talking about doing something and actually doing something. I have always known, since the first day I took a yoga class, that yoga is meant to be a daily discipline, a practice that gives definition and structure to your day and therefore to your life. All teachers, and especially the rich and famous ones, preach it and practice it. Every article I (used to) read in Yoga Journal told me that, every yoga book I ever glanced through told me that, and Sting practices yoga every day, often on his private plane between concerts. I believe it all, but I ignored their words. I made up reasons why I needn’t follow them. They were freaks. Yoga was their life. They were in the business of self-promotion. They had cameras following them around documenting their every yogic move. Any of these thoughts would keep me from jumping aboard the daily yoga train. Now, after a measly 15 days of daily practice, I must bow myself before their yogic feet and humbly admit: daily yoga is life-changing indeed. Can I, and will I, sustain this discipline beyond my 30 day commitment? I might have to re-read my blog to stay aboard, but I intend to try.