Day 6~ Toes

“Spread your toes,” says our teacher as we reach our legs up high. Hmm, I have muscles in my toes? Of course I do, but when I try to spread them apart my toes hang tight together. I can move my toes up and down, but apart? I look at the teacher whose toes stand tall and wide almost like fingers on a hand. I think about folks without hands who do remarkable things with their feet. On to the next move.
Later, I practice spreading my toes while standing and realize that to make those little muscles work I need to stretch out big ones like my inner thighs, and go all the way up my back through my shoulders into my neck. Be sure to bring along breath. I feel like I’m mapping connections in my mind and once the toes begin to spread, if only a little, I find a quiet place of accomplishment. Today when I approached the mat my first thought was to be sure to spread my toes.