Day 31~ Poser

Everyone must have a pose they don’t like. Right now mine is Half Moon. I dread when I know it’s coming. After getting (often wrenching) myself into triangle the teacher invites us to move to Half Moon with a hand on a block. “Fly,” says Linda. “Flop,” I think. The too-tight connection through my hips between my raised and standing leg immediately forces my standing foot to turn in. I feel weak, feeble and unbalanced. Why can’t I make this work? What’s wrong with me? Triangle is hard enough. In my life off the mat, I work with young kids and when they get frustrated learning something new I tell them that they can either try or cry. If they just cry I can’t really do much to help; but if they try, I will be right there beside them. I guess maybe next time, rather than cry about it, I’ll at least try to fly.