Day 2~ Inversions Can Be OK?

Today I returned to one of my favorite classes. It was physically demanding with my first downward dog feeling more awkward then restful. I experienced a moment of initial panic wondering how / if I was going to make it through the class in one piece. Then I remembered child’s pose and my lovely blocks, took some deep breaths and kept on going. While there were some things that felt impossibly hard, others were more manageable and attainable. Towards the end of class, we moved to the wall for inversions. Normally this is not a favorite of mine, partially because it requires me stealthily moving all of my blocks, blankets and straps along with my mat, but also because I have been know to topple over while attempting a head or hand stand. Low and behold, the teacher started with a pose that I actually really like and could manage sans topple. It reminded me that just showing up and sticking through the awkward parts is often what matters.