Day 19: Yoga Awareness

I find myself adjusting my posture in the weirdest places – standing at my kitchen counter making tea, waiting in the post office line, standing at a cocktail party. It always begins with a subtle straightening of my spine, pulling out of my hips and reaching my sternum and the crown of my head to the ceiling. Then I try to stand on all four corners of my feet (very difficult for a bow-legged girl) and turn my legs inward to take the pressure out of my lower back. I have heard alignment instructions for many, many years from many, many gurus, and as such, my teachers’ words are fairly well ingrained in my mind. There’s a funny irony, however, in all of this self-imposed posture building. I remember back to the hundreds of times my mother told me to stand up straight. She would motion to me to pull my shoulders back and then poke me in the thoracic spine (of course, I had no idea it was my thoracic spine then). My reaction was the usual adolescent scoff, but now, years later, my mother is gone, and I am doing the same thing to my daughter. And what makes it worse (for her) is that I know a lot more about posture and alignment than my mother ever did. I guess I know why she doesn’t like yoga, but maybe if she learned it on her own….. ah, forget it. It’s enough work to take care of myself.