Day 18~ Snow Day

The first snowfall of the season always brightens my spirit – that is once I rake the final leaves, retrieve the snow shovels and start the snow blower. All that activity leads me to take my aches and pains to OTM. On the one hand, I’m too sore for yoga, on the other hand, it will help me stretch and relax. The class begins on a welcome note when Loren expresses her visible excitement about the white flakes floating down. We move through elemental poses that build a strong foundation for practice and prepare us for the shoveling season. She keeps us strong, stable and focused. With legs lifted up the wall we share Savasana. I close my eyes and see snowflakes dancing in a dark sky. It looks like a movie. I am reminded of the way children gaze up into the icy white with mouths wide open. I think that at least once each winter we should all do the same. New snow is a marvel to behold and celebrate for soon the slush will be here.