Since 2002, we have welcomed and taught students of all levels and abilities, from brand new yogis to veteran teachers.  At On the Mat, we appreciate that every day is different and that every body is different.  Although yoga certainly can be physically challenging, the more important challenge comes in your ability to quiet your mind.  When you step onto your mat, ask yourself if you can give your practice your full attention.  Everything else will be waiting for you when you step off your mat. Yoga is your time to devote yourself to YOU.

Our Classes

Flow & Hour Flow:
Our Flow classes move you through a series of postures connected by breath.  These strong, heated classes are designed to be a physical experience, building both strength and flexibility. Suitable for those who have done some yoga before or are physically active.
Slow Flow:
A Flow class that moves a little more slowly and holds poses for a little longer. Although the room temperature is still warm, these classes are not as hot as the Flow classes.  They are deep, mindful sequences of poses that help to focus and calm you. Because of the pace, some may find these classes more accessible than our Flow classes.
Hips & Hamstrings Flow:
A perfect class for runners and athletes.  This Flow class focuses on finding more flexibility in the hips and hamstrings.  Suitable for all levels.
Slow Flow & Restore:
A slow, mindful flow incorporating several restorative poses. the sequence is designed to stretch you out and soothe your nervous system. Suitable for all levels.
Yoga Stretch for Athletes & Inflexibles:
This is a class for runners, bikers, paddle tennis players, hockey players… or anyone who is struggling with flexibility and chronic stiffness who wants to learn the basics of a yoga practice in order to experience greater ease of movement in their body. This class is accessible to anyone. No yoga experience is needed.
Beginner Yoga:
A slow flow class geared towards new and occasional yoga students.  This class will focus on alignment and on building both your strength and your flexibility.  The pace of this class may make it appropriate for students nursing certain injuries.
Prenatal Yoga:
Our prenatal classes feature a strong, slow, mindful vinyasa flow for expectant mothers, offering modifications to support each stage of pregnancy. E-mail Loren Winters if you have any questions or if you are interested in setting up a private or semi-private class.


We accept all major credit cards as well as checks and cash
$25 New Student Special (14 days of unlimited yoga for students new to OTM)
$18 Drop-in for a single class
$170 Ten-Class Pass (no expiry)
$16 Drop-in for students 60+years
$330 Twenty-Class Pass (no expiry)
$15 Student (High School/College) Drop-in for a single class
$130 Student (High School/College) Ten-Class Pass (no expiry)
$150 Student One Month (High/School/College) Unlimited Class Pass
$200 One Month (30 days) Unlimited Class Pass
$500 Three Month (90 days) Unlimited Class Pass
Sales are final and non-refundable and do not apply to specially-priced classes and Workshops.  

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Private Yoga

$40 Basics: 20-minute private session 
- explore a single pose, or discover ways to work with/around a physical limitation.
$100 1 hr Private
$150 1.5 hr Private
$125 1 hr Small Group Private


We are located in the lower level at 30 Monument Square, Concord, MA.  You can enter from Monument Square through the main entrance to the building (located down the driveway between the Town House and 30 Monument) or from Monument Street, through the raised parking lot across from “The Cottage” and “Coldwell Banker”. There is no parking in the parking lot during business days, so please park on the street.


What You Need To Know

• Bring a mat, a towel, and water
• We have shower facilities on site
• Arrive at class a few minutes early to settle in
• Classes are heated
 so expect to sweat
• Drink plenty of water before and after your practice
• Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations
• Avoid eating 1 hour before class
• No cell phones in studio
• No parking at 30 Mon Sq. on weekdays.  Violators risk being towed
• Ample parking on street or behind First Church of Christ, Scientist


How do I know which class is right for me?
The best thing to do is to try several classes and keep an open mind.  Every class at On the Mat offers something a little different.  No two teachers are exactly alike.  Read the descriptions of each class on the Schedule page.  The teachers have described their classes in their own words.  If you are brand new to yoga, consider joining the Beginner Workshop to learn all of the basics of a Flow class.   Most importantly, remember that no matter which class you attend, listen to your body and go at the pace that is right for you.  There is always Child’s Pose!
What should I wear to class?
Yoga is done barefoot and in comfortable clothes that you can move in easily.  Avoid clothes that are too loose and baggy.
What should I bring to a class?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class.
 Bring your own mat (although we do have some to borrow), a water bottle & a towel. Please turn your cell phones off!
I am really inflexible, can I do yoga?
YES! Many of our students suffer from tight hips, hamstrings and shoulders because of other athletic endeavors they enjoy or just because they are genetically built that way.  The good news is that yoga can absolutely help to increase both strength and flexibility as well as improve balance and posture.
How long are classes and how often should I come?
Most classes run for 75 minutes but we do offer several 60 minute classes. Your body will receive the benefits of yoga even coming once a week.  Three times a week or more is ideal.
Is On the Mat a "hot yoga" studio?
We are a heated studio and we do offer hot classes. Our hot classes are heated to a temp of about 90-100 degrees.  We also offer warm classes, closer to 80-85. No matter what expect to sweat a bit so bring a towel and a water bottle.
What is Vinyasa or Flow yoga?
Vinyasa yoga is the practice of linking movement to breath… one breath, one movement.  Sometimes you move slowly and deeply and sometimes more quickly.  The beauty of vinyasa is that, when practiced with attention, it becomes a meditation in motion.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Noelle Rosenberg