2017~ Here I Come!

Building a Commitment Sandwich in the New Year.

This is not my first time at the rodeo. Almost two years ago, I committed to 31 days of yoga and shared my experience with the On the Mat community. I believe I ended the 31 days with a musing about getting a tattoo (on my forehead?) that reminded me every time I looked in the mirror to continue my practice. I was thrilled that nagging ailments that had hounded me had mysteriously dissipated with my new, relatively flexible body and was confident that the experience had been so profound that I could not imagine avoiding my mat in the future.

I guess I should have gotten that tattoo. Two years later and it has been quite awhile since I have been to yoga. With ever tightening hamstrings and a rather funky hip flexor, the mere idea of child’s pose makes me want to wail like a baby.

Like many, the New Year brings me hope, with new commitments to restored health abounding. I believe it was around the age of 15 that I first latched on to the idea of the “New Years Resolution” and have faithfully identified goals for personal improvement every year since that initial revelation. These commitments are often forgotten some time around the second week of January, and I have found that the relationship between successfully sticking to my commitment vs. lost focus is directly connected to my willingness to share my goals with those around me.

To this end, with the support of Ramsay and the wonderful OTM community, I will once again commit myself to 31 Days of Yoga and blog daily about the experience. Along with daily yoga, I will also be participating in the 21Day Revolution offered through OTM. Essentially, since tattooing my forehead is not a truly appealing option, I am creating a commitment sandwich that will support me as I re-commit to my practice and better health in the New Year.

As a salute to all of those out there like myself who are reintroducing stiff limbs to yoga, Ramsay has kindly agreed to have Mountain pose serve as the pose of the month. Yes, that is correct, stand tall and proud at the top of your mat while enjoying standing savasana, it is going to be a great new year.