What is Yoga?


In Burma:

  1. Yoga is not wearing any make-up.
  2. Yoga is not blow drying your hair.
  3. Yoga is not looking in mirror; there weren’t any.
  4. Yoga is sleeping on wood beds with cushions, four to a room, with mosquito netting.
  5. Yoga is not eating a meal after 12 pm
  6. Yoga is waking at 4 am with an electrical coffee pot and your Starbucks packets from home.
  7. Yoga is chanting and meditating for an hour every morning at 5 am.
  8. Yoga is bottled water and tea, and no wine.
  9. Yoga is young nuns practicing Surya Namasakara A in pink robes with tight skirts.
  10. Yoga is teaching in make shift skirts out of shirts.
  11. Yoga is Seva (another post)
  12. Yoga is the sisterhood of the Sangha.
  13. Yoga is bringing the essence of the practice over 8000 miles across the globe.
  14. Yoga is falling in love with yoga all over again.
  15. Yoga is deep gratitude for the opportunity to share this journey with all of you.
  16. Yoga is coming home, forever changed.