Day 3~ The Morning After

This morning my mood is black, not because I was up too late and too filled-up with turkey, although both are true. No, I’m ornery because the sound of the Black Friday shopping frenzy is ringing in my ears. Buy now! Buy big! The more you spend the more you save! I want to visit my sister-in-law but I’m afraid to, because we have to pass a mall on the way and it could be a scene of consumer chaos. I yearn for the gift of quiet. As I roll into the OTM lot and park my bike, my mood begins to brighten. I find some space in the packed house, roll down on my mat and breathe. Julia helps us set our intentions and with calm determination we set forth. She pushes and pulls us through old places and into new spaces. Along the way I let go of my Black Friday irritation and revel in the light.