The Teaching Team

If you are reading this entry, it means that I haven’t had wifi since I arrived at the Monastery on the 11th, which was the night of the 10th for you. So, until I can bring you into the retreat, via text and photo, I’ll give you some more background. This all came about because […]


Preparing for Uncertainty

Today, when Marni’s Aunt Emerald spoke to us about our time in the nunnery, we learned a few things that were not quite what we expected. One, we are in the nunnery, during the Water Festival Retreat, for the duration until Sunday, April 17, after the closing ceremonies. We thought we might be able to […]

Intentions: Your Heart’s Desires

One of my favorite moments in a yoga practice is setting an intention. In order to do so, I find a more ethereal sense of myself. I may have already noticed my breath and points of tension in my body, but setting the intention requires an awareness of something greater, a touch point to a […]


Pagoda Nuns  

    And as I walked around the Shwendagon Pagoda yesterday, I came upon these nuns. My first true, in person, glimpse of the girls I’m going to be teaching yoga. If you listen carefully to the video, you’ll hear the sing song voices of the morning prayers.     I sat on some stairs […]

Novice Buddhist nuns wave as a cavalcade of Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi drives past on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar, Sunday, April 1, 2012. Myanmar held a landmark election Sunday that was expected to send Suu Kyi into parliament for her first public office since launching her decades-long struggle against the military-dominated government. (AP Photo)

The Spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda

Today I went to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. What I loved about this morning, very early at 5 am, was the peace and serenity in the air. It was before the heat and before the crowds, so I got a glimpse of the magnificent stupa as well as many […]


Hustle and Bustle

I ventured out to the famous ” Bogyoke Aung San Market” this morning after a wake yoga session In my hotel room. Time is 10 1/2 hours ahead so 4:30 am is 6 pm in Concord. I actually didn’t mind the early wake up since I’m here a couple of days early to acclimate. I […]


Airplane Yoga

These pictures are “Airport Yoga” which is pretty easy to do as long as you don’t leave your yoga mat in the overhead bin, something I am going to try really hard not to do. These are the first pics of “Where’s Waldo” type photos, but it’s “Where’s ‘On the Mat, On the Road.” Notice […]


Girls Determined

Who are these girls? As I’ve prepared for my time teaching yoga, I’ve asked questions not only about the history of Burma, but more specifically the history of women and girls in Burma. Part of our mission in teaching yoga is to empower them to be strong, confident, and aware of their bodies and voice. […]



Packing and Packing and Packing, Oh my! And you are definitely supposed to read this in the same sing song voice of Dorothy, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!” filled with the same tone of trepidation. I laughed when I received a text from one of my yogi friends, Criss, who I met at […]


Rest in Natural Great Peace

“Rest in natural great peace this exhausted mind beaten helplessly by karma and neurotic thoughts like the relentless fury of the pounding waves in the infinite ocean of Samskara.” I’ve heard this recording during savasana many times over my years at On the Mat, but today when Linda played it, I thought about the words […]