Day 10~ Jaws

Jaws. No, not the movie. I can’t make it to a class so, I will improvise my way through the day. My intention is my jaw. Teachers often say, “Relax your jaw,” as we hold our planks until we shake or push up to our first down dog. Here then, is my personal jaw workout. […]


Day 9~ There’s Always Something

Here I am feeling good in the flow. With mostly-closed eyes I stretch out and back to the rhythm of the teacher’s voice. From down dog, to plank, to up dog and step to warrior-two. All is well as I rise and turn toward the strap wall. I open my eyes. Oops, everyone else is […]


Day 8~ Journey

I’m back at Hips and Hamstrings, which is where I began my OTM yoga experience last January. I arrived that first night unsure what to expect. I vividly recall the quiet warm room, the soft dim light, the patterns of breath and stretch, and most of all; I remember Ori’s beautiful voice that created an […]


Day 7~ Solitary Sharing

We learn early on that yoga is about what’s going on inside. Don’t worry about what others are up to. Focus on what works for you. Yet, most of us practice yoga most intentionally and vigorously in the company of others under the guidance of an experienced teacher. There is no way I could work […]


Day 6~ Toes

“Spread your toes,” says our teacher as we reach our legs up high. Hmm, I have muscles in my toes? Of course I do, but when I try to spread them apart my toes hang tight together. I can move my toes up and down, but apart? I look at the teacher whose toes stand […]


Day 5~ Into the Woods

It’s a bright, breezy, sunny Sunday morning with temps in the 40s. Won’t be many more days like this for a while, so it’s time to take my OTM practice on a bike ride into the woods. I pedal down a path of crunchy leaves and slick pine needles with my shoulders back and wide […]

Ramsay pose 9 02-10

Day 4~ In the Beginning

During this month of my daily yoga posts I might as well try out something new, so today I cruised into Beginner Yoga with Loren. I’ve been practicing at OTM since January, but somehow missed or avoided the beginner class. After all, I’m no beginner! After just few minutes of Loren’s gentle, welcoming and, even, […]


Day 3~ The Morning After

This morning my mood is black, not because I was up too late and too filled-up with turkey, although both are true. No, I’m ornery because the sound of the Black Friday shopping frenzy is ringing in my ears. Buy now! Buy big! The more you spend the more you save! I want to visit […]


Day 2~ Thanksgiving Traditions

There certainly was a big appetite for yoga on Thanksgiving morning at OTM. More than forty of us squeezed into the warm room for the early class. “Breathe in yes and breathe out gratitude,” was Linda’s mantra for the day. And so we did, or at least tried. When my son was on the high […]


Day 1~ In Gratitude

Thanksgiving greetings. From now until Christmas Eve I will be posting my thoughts as I practice yoga everyday. Often yoga teachers remind us to pause and be thankful for something in our lives. Right now I am thankful that I found On the Mat this past January. I brought along an aching left hip that […]