Day 21~ Swimmingly

One of the times I know that yoga works for me is when I swim. After several months at OTM, the perennial tightness in my left hip eased and today while backstroking I noticed that it has basically disappeared. Wow! Where did it go? I smile up toward the pool roof and realize that I […]


Day 20~ Tangled

I came to yoga with my hip and lower back feeling like a tangled ball of twine. For years my approach to relieving the tightness had been to squeeze harder and harder on the affected area. It sort of felt good to clench my muscles and then unclench them. Clench, unclench, repeat. Tonight Ramsay tells […]


Day 19~ Down Dog Laughing

It was about two-thirds of the way through the class when I found myself laughing while in down dog. Not out loud, of course, but with sweat streaming and muscles straining I reached some point of euphoria. For a few seconds I felt so light I could have floated away. It‘s the kind of experience […]


Day 18~ Snow Day

The first snowfall of the season always brightens my spirit – that is once I rake the final leaves, retrieve the snow shovels and start the snow blower. All that activity leads me to take my aches and pains to OTM. On the one hand, I’m too sore for yoga, on the other hand, it […]


Day 16~ Foot Block

“Bring your foot up to your thumb,” says the teacher, as we move from down dog. “Yeah, right,” I think. That level of flexibility is far beyond my aging male hips. But is it? So what if it is? Do I care? Such questions are at the heart of yoga motivation. There is an imaginary […]


Day 15~ Halfway Namaste

Most yoga classes incorporate Namaste at the beginning and/or end of practice. Until this year I never bothered to learn the translation of – “I bow to you” or “I bow to the divine in you.” I also learned that Namaste is an everyday respectful greeting in the Hindu community. In any case, I want […]


Day 14~ Yard Yoga

I spent a good chunk of today working outside after we had a tree by our house taken down. The tree guys left behind two giant piles of wood chips and a large collection of logs. The logs get cut up, go into the truck and out to the fire pit. The chips get loaded […]


Day 13~ A Conversation

We lie on our mats with a blanket rolled beneath our lower backs. Who knew such a simple task could cause so much discomfort – burning, aching, throbbing. At least that’s the way it is for me. Peter gently reminds us to consider whether or not you are being reactive or responsive to the sensation. […]


Day 12~ Horsing Around

A dozen or more equestrian girls galloped into OTM on Sunday morning. Their chatter washed over me as I lay down on my mat – still worn out from tree work the day before. Ramsey arranged us to make space and reminded the assembled multitude that yoga is not about the perfect pose, rather it’s […]


Day 11~ Bones

A sunny placid December afternoon draws me outdoors. I go into the woods and out to a field and along a wide path where I encounter a boulder. A glacier deposited it 10,000 or so years ago, but it was moved to this spot much more recently by some behemoth of a machine. I clamber […]