It’s Time for Yoga

When you first start teaching yoga, you prepare, sometimes over prepare, the ways you will begin the class, the sequencing, and short readings during savasana. You consider the length of time, the composition of the students, and the themes you want to follow. It’s even more specific when you teach children or teens with special […]



There are so many reasons I am excited to write this blog including being able to share this incredible journey of service and travel with you. Writing to my fellow yogis at OTM is also a great incentive to develop a daily practice I’ve always wanted, and it’s not what you might think. It’s not […]


The Big YES!

Yoga teaches us to connect to our bodies, to the sensations we feel, to the intricacies of breath and movement. When we really connect on a daily basis, we begin to train ourselves to hear the answer from that deep intuitive place that wants you to live your life filled with more opportunities to say, […]


Day 30: Yoga Adventure

Thirty days of yoga. Complete. Thirty days of writing a daily blog about it. Complete. Once I committed to the challenge and created a routine, I realized this experience was really for me. As hard as I was working, I was the one receiving the benefits. What did it matter to anyone else? Why would […]


Day 29: Yoga Creep

POSTED BY ADMIN @ DECEMBER 23, 2015 Plank. I know it’s good for you, but it’s so freakin’ hard. As I was holding it, and holding it, in class today, I started to add up the minutes, and probably the hours, that I’ve held plank in the past month, let alone the past year. If […]


Day 28: Yoga Connection

POSTED BY ADMIN @ DECEMBER 22, 2015 With only three days till Christmas, I found myself in an incredibly joyful and uplifting yoga class with a masterful teacher leading the way. Poised and prepared, she lead a full class of students through powerful, flowing and creative movement with a continual smile and enthusiastic commentary. What […]


Day 27: Yoga Addict

I would think that after 26 consecutive days of yoga during a super busy, super distracting time of the year, I could call myself a yoga addict. And I mean this in the best sense of the word. I now know what it feels like to put yoga at the top of my priority list […]


Day 26: Yoga Mantra

Just (inhale slowly as you say it) be (exhale slowly as you say it). Just be. Just be. Just be. Just be. What is a mantra anyway? To me, in its simplest meaning, it is a word or a sound repeated to aid your concentration in meditation. In the whirlwind days of December, or January, […]


Day 25: Yoga Awareness

I find myself adjusting my posture in the weirdest places – standing at my kitchen counter making tea, waiting in the post office line, standing at a cocktail party. It always begins with a subtle straightening of my spine, pulling out of my hips and reaching my sternum and the crown of my head to […]


Day 24: Yoga Control

It’s happened. Slowly and steadily, like a trudge through deep snow, but it’s definitely happened. Twenty-four days of daily yoga practice, and yoga has taken over my body and mind. I think about it when I’m planning my Christmas shopping outings. I think about it when I need to go to the super market (it’s […]