Partner Poses


One of the things we’ve noticed about the girls’ lives here in the monastery is the lack of play time together. The girls are loving the physical practice as well as the community feeling. In order to begin to build this sangha, we had the girls do partner yoga. You can see from the video that they loved it.

At first we wondered if they had close friends and/or a best friend. As we’ve watched the groups over the days, we noticed they had groups and bffs like other teenage girls. In this video we had girls back to back see saw back and forth, and then rest in the pose. Sinking in and feeling each others’ breath.


You can see from the smiles how much they enjoyed it. We also did group poses that created some giggles and smiles. So many magical moments that the four of us will remember forever.

The girls did group asana, and the four of us are creating group teaching which has been an added benefit of this amazing Seva.