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One of the reasons the nuns are such amazing yogis is their evolved meditation practice. We joined them every morning at 5, after the wake up gong at 4:30. They started with 30 minutes of devotional prayer and 30 of silent meditation.

Little 6 and 7 year olds were seated next to us so we watched them throughout the week. Always, a few head bob in sleep as well as fold all the way over into deep sleep.

Meditation is also after the 7 to 9 yoga class for the older ones, from 10 to 11 am. Then 2 to 4 pm. and after dinner time (but we don’t eat dinner). We joined them for meditation anytime we didn’t have teaching or other responsibilities.

Meditating without cushions or blocks was a bit of a challenge as well as sitting for a minimum of an hour at a time. We learned the art of meditation from the nuns, and we taught them yoga.