Hustle and Bustle

I ventured out to the famous ” Bogyoke Aung San Market” this morning after a wake yoga session In my hotel room. Time is 10 1/2 hours ahead so 4:30 am is 6 pm in Concord. I actually didn’t mind the early wake up since I’m here a couple of days early to acclimate. I meet my fellow yoga teachers tomorrow.

Rather than verbosity, I thought I’d simply share some pictures of the street market and indoor booths that literally go on for miles!

Afterward I sat in a cafe and practiced presence simply gazing at the activity around me, taking it all in as I became aware of my breath and the sweat emanating from my brow. It’s cool today in comparison. Only 99 with a projected 106 on Monday.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

IMG_6819 IMG_6814

Colors and more colors


I could have had a custom longyi (sarong) made but too many choices for the first day


Booth after booth after booth


My favorite: the street restaurants