Final Post: Gratitude


It’s hard to know where to start with this final, “On the Mat, On the Road,” post. It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue my Blog, “Burma and Beyond,” nor continue to share my Blog with On the Mat’s Facebook page, but it does bring the official OTM Blog ( to a close today.
Earlier this year, before I knew about my “once in a lifetime” opportunity in Burma, I was slated to be OTM’s next “30 Days of Yoga” Blogger. One of the struggles I was envisioning was anonymity because it’s pretty hard for me to hide my voice, written or spoken. Thus, the good fortune to blog, as Susan in Burma, was an incredible gift to me. I didn’t have to hide my voice, and my experiences were all the richer because you were, and are, with me on this trip. (It’s far from over. I don’t touch US soil until May 13).
Articulating how important On the Mat is to me would be a loquacious tome, so I will be as succinct as possible. From the time I took my first class, with Vicki in 2006, going through a gut wrenching divorce, determined to stay strong for my daughters, but uncertain how to do that, I knew I’d found my home. When I experienced the letting go of grief, through tears and breath on my mat, I knew that yoga would save me, as its saved so many others.
Today, each time I walk into the studio, I feel at ease, and through this journey, I’ve been able to share my love of yoga and OTM with so many wonderful people. For me, “And now the practice of yoga” is synonymous with “And now the practice of yoga at On the Mat.”
It’s been pure joy to wear my OTM logo throughout Southeast Asia, asking people in airports, nunneries, beaches, and outdoor yoga studios to please take my picture. I scanned the Internet for pictures of Ramsay in the same OTM shirt, but I couldn’t find one. Instead, I believe I found something better, the picture of our OTM Sangha the day the proverbial baton was passed from amazing owners, Vicki and Bar, to Ramsay. No OTM shirts, but it doesn’t matter. This picture represents the heart and essence of OTM, and it includes (symbolically) all of you.
Ramsay, with the deepest gratitude for sharing my evolving journey with OTM.
p.s. If you’d like, you may continue to follow my journey on my FB page or (eventually) Ramsay will continue to share it on the OTM FB page for a bit as well.
Please stay tuned on Facebook .. on May 10 when I will be teaching yoga with OTM’s Tara Rachel Jones book, “It’s Time for Yoga,” to 25 Thai girls in a flower house in Chiang Rai. You can read about this the NGO founded by Jane McBride (OTM yogis, Lucy and Melissa’s, sister-in-law) and Patricia Zinkowski: . More to follow on that as I continue traveling ‪#‎BurmaandBeyond‬.