Day 25~ Everyday Everyway

It’s a busy holiday week ahead and how can we possibly make time for yoga? When I tell people that I’ve been doing yoga since last January, they often ask where and how often. After I give them the On the Mat pep talk, I say, “Actually, I’m kind of doing yoga most all the time.” I might be standing still talking to you at a holiday party, but inside and unseen I am also doing yoga. Stuck in traffic? How about breathing down my back from neck to hips. Frustrated by a long wait in line? How about mountain pose. As I write at the keyboard, I relax my shoulders back and wide. I press my heels to the floor with my inner thighs. I pace myself with breath. I close my eyes and search for the next sentence. I appreciate this exploration for a revelation that may or may not come. I am satisfied by my effort.