Day 9~ There’s Always Something

Here I am feeling good in the flow. With mostly-closed eyes I stretch out and back to the rhythm of the teacher’s voice. From down dog, to plank, to up dog and step to warrior-two. All is well as I rise and turn toward the strap wall. I open my eyes. Oops, everyone else is facing Monument Street, which means they all can see me in my mis-directional glory. All of a sudden all my fine feeling fades away into a self-conscious miasma of middle school angst. As discretely as possible, I switch positions and try to clear my mind of worry about what others are thinking, “Did you see that loser posing the wrong way?” Given the forgiving nature of yoga practitioners it’s more likely my mistake will evoke a smile of sympathy. Yet, no matter how many times we hear it said that mistakes are learning opportunities; it’s hard take hold of the notion when you actually make a mistake. I guess the lesson is that if I care so much about being “right” I should pay more attention. On the other hand maybe making the “wrong” turn during a positive experience is something to embrace.