Day 9~ The Darn Hamster Wheel

One of the reasons I took on this challenge was because I was feeling like I was living my life like I was on a hamster wheel, cycling through the same work / home routine always in a rush. Here is the thing though, I know that I have a somewhat busy life, but I also know there is plenty of time tucked away for other things including yoga. Somehow I was finding time to binge watch the Crown and read “Before the Fall” in one sitting (both SO good by the way) but never finding time to get to my mat…hmm….

Today I experimented and left work to attend a midday class despite being in the middle of something and having to struggle to extract myself. I would love to say it was absolutely fabulous, but truthfully I had an extremely hard time clearing my head and maintaining focus. Yes, it was a wonderful class and right now I am so glad I went – feeling super bendy. I also appreciate knowing that this is an option that I can take advantage of in the future. I do know however, it will take a little more work and mental fortitude for me to shift gears and be more present. Guess that is why they call it a practice.