Day 8~ Memory Loss

There are many forms of faith including having faith that you can get through something difficult. On a very basic level, I am often faced with this challenge when first arriving on my mat. Maybe because I have such a naturally stiff body, everything can feel so darn hard at first! That first downward dog is not restful at all, it actually can feel awful. At times, like I did in class today, I have an initial panic that I simply am not going to make it. I have never figured out what that actually means or looks like…do I run from the studio? or do I just spend an hour in savasana? All i know is that initial feeling is a memory that can stay with me and can be a deterrent for returning another day.

As the class goes on, it ALWAYS gets better. Yes, some days I don’t have much energy or have an extra ache here or there, but I do loosen up and find poses that are particularly healing or strengthening or enjoyable that work that day. And, here is the kicker, I always feel better. Now that is what I need to remember.