Day 6~ Yoga Non-Sequiturs

I am not sure I am capable of putting down a cohesive thought, so instead for my post today I have compiled a list of non-sequiturs:

1) I am finding being grateful, joyful and having a bit of humor while on my mat is so SO much better then having running internal commentary around what I can/can’t do.

2) Today a good friend of mine was in front of me in class, and at one point I saw her do a little dance to the music with her shoulders. It made me so happy to see her enjoying herself so much.

3) I told the instructor today that I was coming back to her class EVERY week. A little stalkerish perhaps?

4) The assist during savasana today was magical. MA.GI.CAL.

5) I really enjoy balancing poses because I find that I can be very present….and I can actually do them. Hope that does not constitute a humble brag, but when child’s pose is a struggle, you have to take what you can get.

6) I love that there are so many options at OTM to participate in different types of truly excellent classes. And no, I was not paid to say that. The only perk I have received for writing this blog is being allowed to chose the pose of the month. Quite a powerful moment by the way.

I hope everybody enjoys their weekend. Namaste.