Day 6: Yoga Drishti

I love the word drishti. It’s Sanskrit (love that word too), and it translates into focused gaze, or thereabouts. I love the word drishti because I’m pretty good at finding it. Staring at something, my navel, my fingertips, the end of my nose, a blank wall, and then softening my gaze, or spacing out, is actually easy for me. You might even call it a strength. I can almost fall asleep at times when I’ve got a really good drishti going. During the balancing poses, it’s particularly important to find your drishti and hold onto it. I suggest you get in the front row for this so no one’s wiggling or moving in front of you to ruin the super-concentrated line of your gaze. Your drishti becomes a still, blank wall, and suddenly tree pose and dancer’s pose and eagle are easier to sustain. And when you pull the pose off and your drishti is strong, you have to be feeling pretty good inside and out. I know I am.