Day 5: Yoga Expectations

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from my body in my first ever yoga-for-30-days experiment. I was a little worried about an ongoing injury that I’ve nursed for many many years, doing just enough yoga to keep it loose but not enough to injure it further. I hoped that daily practice wouldn’t aggravate it beyond the comfortable twinge I’m used to. I jumped in head first to this challenge eager to see what would happen, leaving all expectations elsewhere and thankfully confident in my ability to take care of myself in each pose. What I didn’t expect was by taking classes from a wide array of teachers, each with their own bag of yoga tricks, that my injured body part would not only improve but it would get stronger. Maybe I’d been too careful. Maybe I’d unconsciously protected it from further harm when I should have worked to make it stronger. Yoga is meant to be a daily practice with no expectations about your physical, mental or emotional state. Getting on your mat every day allows you the time and space to check in and see what’s going on. It’s not always pretty or predictable or pain-free. It’s just you.