Day 4: Yoga Intention

One of the more challenging parts of yoga for me is choosing my intention for my practice. It’s not because I can’t think of one, it’s because I always think of the same one, and it’s pretty simple. I always intend to stay focused and clear-minded and to be present in every pose. I always intend to be grateful for the opportunity to be practicing yoga in the middle of the day in a small New England town surrounded by my yoga friends. I always intend to be compassionate and kind to myself on the mat and to others off the mat. But all of these intentions are beginning to sound a bit cliche, and definitely a bit self-centered. I’d like to be more profound in my intention setting, and more outward-minded in my focus. Is it too big an intention for one little yoga student to hope to rid the world of hatred and violence? Is it too big an intention to forgive the perpetrators of the endless bloodshed and to have faith that good will conquer evil? Probably a bit ambitious, yes, but I want to believe that if every yoga practitioner on the planet were to set a similar intention of hope, forgiveness and faith, it might just work. But now I’m getting too idealistic. I wonder what other people choose for their intention. I need some ideas.