Day 30~ The Record Shows, I Took The Blows, & Did It My Way

My month of doing yoga every day comes to a close today. It has been such a privilege to practice every day at a studio with such a wide range of talented teachers. I appreciate Ramsay and OTM giving me this opportunity to commit to a regular practice and thank anybody who took the time to read me blathering on in this blog about its effects on my body and mind.

Mentally, I always knew that this was a wonderful opening, but If I am completely honest, it is possible that I forgot how fortunate I was occasionally. Full confession – at a particularly low moment I yelled at my husband that I had to go to “F$%# yoga.” To state the obvious I was always glad I went, and came to notice that when I was most resistant to going, I often benefitted the most. I learned that a lot of my excuses for staying away from my mat where baloney. Apparently I am not too tired after work to go to an evening class and my body is not too stiff in the morning to attend. I can also occasionally make it to a mid-day class and my job is still there when I return. My personal end goal for this experience was to create some balance and consistency with my practice and break the old binge yoga habit. I know for me, it is really important to push myself and get moving and at this point it only happens when I am being led by a teacher. Having said that, mixing in slower, more gentle classes and regularly stretching at home is also needed to make sure I keep returning and am not scared off by too much repeated intensity. I am lucky that this balanced approach is supported by the range of offerings at OTM as long as I continue to show up.

Thank you again to Ramsay and all of the truly amazing teachers at OTM who generously share your talents and wisdom. While I may never be super bendy and pretzel-like, I feel a little transformed by the whole experience and have no plans to stay away again. Namaste