Day 3: Yoga Weather

Like the wet, dreary day outside, my body feels heavy and tired. My usually spry self isn’t jumping into the day’s happenings with the same kind of vigor of a sunny, clear-skied day. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I know it’s working extra hard to fight the cold germs that my husband left splattered all over the house. The invisible monsters are trying like crazy to take over my body too. They may even be winning the battle, but I’m still fighting. My day must go on, and yoga is an integral part of my day these days. I honestly haven’t even considered not going to class, I’m just a little concerned about my ujjayi breathing with a nose full of mucus. Tipping your head upside down with clogged sinuses is uncomfortable at best and messy at worst. I can handle it, I’m sure. I just want to keep my germs to myself.

My mood lifts as I enter the familiar studio. I move quietly to my mat, lay on my back and close my eyes. As I tune in to my body parts aside from my nose, I realize how relaxed it is. My mind is so hyper-focused on my stuffy nose that the rest of my body has let go of its usual tension. This fascinates me. And it perks me up. As the practice begins, I feel renewed. After a few deep ujjayi breaths (and a few good nose blows), my nose actually clears and my strength returns. With the guidance of a skilled and tuned in teacher, the pace of the flow is exactly what I need on a dark and dreary December morning.