Day 29: Yoga Creep

Plank. I know it’s good for you, but it’s so freakin’ hard. As I was holding it, and holding it, in class today, I started to add up the minutes, and probably the hours, that I’ve held plank in the past month, let alone the past year. If the Chiropractor Society declares it the best thing you can do for your body’s alignment, then I should be doing it and enjoying it. Ten seconds in, I closed my eyes and imagined the beautiful tone in my belly, the hundreds of sparkling muscles up and down and around my spine and I even tried to imagine the cup of tea balancing perfectly on my sacrum. Twenty nine, thirty seconds to go. Try to spread the effort, the teacher said, as she talked us through the minute of fun to distract us from our misery. Try to spread the effort from your hands to your feet and the pose will become a beautiful balance of strength and tone. Like a cloud moving over the sun, the strain in my shoulders actually started to creep down my spine, cruised through my belly, settled heavily in my legs and then flew out my heels into the hot, crowded room of struggling yogis. Let it creep, let it creep, let it creep.