Day 28~ Going Rogue

Today I went rogue and attended a class at another yoga studio. I know, crazy stuff. I couldn’t make any of the classes at OTM work with my schedule (full disclosure, the 8am class was an option if it hadn’t been for the extra glass of wine the previous evening) so it did seem like a good time to spread my wings…to the next town over…woo hoo! I attended a slow flow class that was very true to its name. It was an extremely peaceful, calming experience with some rather lovely music. Best part though was at the beginning of the class the instructor said she was really going to focus on Mountain pose. Hello?! Did she know that was the pose of the month at OTM (thanks to me, you’re welcome.) In the end, it is nice to go ‘off campus’ occasionally, but glad to know that I have a spot to return to that I love.