Day 27~ 12 Days of Yoga!

In the spirit of this holiday season I offer my very own version of the 12 Days of Christmas. I assume most of you know the tune and the repetitive structure. I doubt you would be able to turn this version into a flow, but feel free to try or maybe switch the order of the verses. However, please know that I am claiming my authorship rights should this go viral.
On the first day of yoga my yogi sent to me a Tall, Strong, Grounded Tree.
One the second day of yoga my yogi sent to me …
2 Forward Folds
3 Spinal Twists
4 Downward Dogs
5 Happy Babies
6 Mountains Rising
7 Dancers Floating
8 Airplanes Flying
9 Pigeons Folding
10 Bridges Bending
11 Children Posing
12 Warriors Standing