Day 27: Yoga Addict

I would think that after 26 consecutive days of yoga during a super busy, super distracting time of the year, I could call myself a yoga addict. And I mean this in the best sense of the word. I now know what it feels like to put yoga at the top of my priority list no matter the cost. As an added bonus, my daily appearance at OTM has helped me to make friends with other yoga addicts. I’m happy to report that there are plenty of them, too. We fly in the door, leaving the chaos of our lives outside, and laugh at our efforts to get there. Sometimes we’re wearing the same yoga clothes as the day before, and sometimes we haven’t washed our hair in days, but that only increases the joy because who really cares? One fellow addict told me that it took her mother sniffing her hair and asking when she had last washed it to realize she might have to pick up her hygiene efforts. The reality is that the studio is filled with busy stay-at-home mothers and fathers, with busy working mothers and fathers, with busy women and men of all ages, all of whom allow themselves time to get to their yoga mats regardless of their inability to take a long, hot flowing shower as much as they’d like or wearing clothes smelling of lemon-verbena laundry detergent. The real yoga addicts are those whose priority is to show up on their mats (almost) every day and who don’t need a gold star for their efforts (or to publish a daily blog about it), but just show up because it truly matters to them.