Day 26~ Medicine

“It’s medicine,” says Linda, as we hold and hold and hold a pose. “If it’s medicine, why won’t my health insurance cover yoga?,” I wonder to myself. Yoga measurably contributes to my overall health. Simply by being aware of my body and my breath (although at times it’s not so simple), I learn to take more control of my well-being. The marvels of modern medicine improve our lives in vital ways (antibiotics, surgery, cancer cures), but for many ordinary complaints of daily living (stress, back pain, imbalance) yoga is a proven safe and effective treatment (See The Science of Yoga by William Broad). A couple of doctor visits and a set of inconclusive diagnostic tests could easily cost as much as a year’s worth of yoga. Our health care system is mostly a sick care system with few incentives for those who devote time and resources to improving their health. And the situation is even more challenging for individuals living in low income and/or under-served communities. I don’t have a solution and our politicians certainly don’t seem to. So for now, I will take my yoga medicine and advocate for health care for all.