Day 24~ Block Ninja

I am a block ninja. I move them up, down and sideways with ease as needed, always keep them within reach and even use them during savasana. I have not always had this great talent. During my early days of yoga, I thought I was supposed to struggle and using blocks was kind of the wimps way out. Silly, silly me. Today in class, we were instructed to twist this way and that as often happens in a yoga class. While I could manage this super twist on one side, there was no way it was going to happen on the other side. As I pondered my next step and started to move into child’s pose, the teacher bent over and said it was all good – super twist or child’s pose were both going to do the trick. I think back to my early days of yoga and I think I would have taken this as a sign of defeat. Today however, I actually teared up a bit thinking about how great it felt to do exactly what worked for me.