Day 23~ Playing Dead

Awake at 4:30 a.m. and pearl white light streams onto the bed. I look out the window and the full moon lies low in the sky. Is that what woke me? My mind goes busy, but I don’t want to rise. I stretch out on my back and deeply breathe in and out the calm, constant, pure glow of the moon. Savasana – corpse pose. I drift back to sleep and am dead to the world until it’s time to get up. Later, I recall the childhood game of playing dead with my friends. We would lie as still as possible, breathe as little as possible and try not to flick our eyes. Did we really know then what death was? Do we now? Perhaps one lesson of practice is a sense of play in the face of the unknown. When lying in Savasana we embrace our demise and, in so doing, affirm our being.