Day 22~ OM

To Om or not to Om that is the question of the day. Some teachers begin and/or end a session with what is sometimes referred to as the sound of the universe. I haven’t taken a survey, but I assume that there are people that really like to chant Om as part of their practice and those that don’t so much. Yoga’s spiritual quality must be an attraction for some practitioners, while others focus on the physical side of the equation. Not that there is a distinct line between the two. I certainly feel a bit more connected with others when the class chants Om. I’ve noticed that the teachers most committed to Om voice the sound something like ahh-ooh-mmm and can sustain the chant for far longer than seems possible. Sometimes the echo of the final chord makes we think there is someone else in the room whose only job is to hold the Om. I wonder if an extended lesson on Om might be worth a try. When I asked Ramsey about the use of Om, she said that the choice comes down to what is authentic – for both the teacher and the students. This evening we chanted a collective Om in a warm room on a cold night and it felt just right.