Day 21~ Swimmingly

One of the times I know that yoga works for me is when I swim. After several months at OTM, the perennial tightness in my left hip eased and today while backstroking I noticed that it has basically disappeared. Wow! Where did it go? I smile up toward the pool roof and realize that I am relaxed and breathing with little effort. Although a pretty good swimmer, I have always struggled to stay afloat doing the backstroke. What changed? I put on my yoga thinking cap and paid close attention. I discover that rather than tilting my chin down or back like it used to, my chin remains level as my neck lengthens, my shoulders widen and my hips press down and away. My entire spine is more flexible which lifts me out of the water and helps me breathe free. I know it’s kind of complicated to picture, but awareness of subtlety is a lesson of yoga that can be applied to many aspects of our lives. Let’s just say that On the Mat has taken me from land to sea.