Day 20: Yoga Mantra

Just (inhale) be (exhale). Just be. Just be. Just be. Just be. What is a mantra anyway? To me, in its simplest meaning, it is a word or a sound repeated to aid your concentration in meditation. In the whirlwind days of December, or January, or February, etc, it’s helpful to find a mantra and repeat it until you find focus in your mind, calm in your nervous system, peace in your soul and love in your heart. And of course, sleep. You can also add on…. Just be thankful. Just be generous. Just be calm. Just be brave. Just be honest. Just be good. Just be humble. Just be peace. Just be love. Just be grateful that shopping days are running out. Just be joyful that the kids behave better than ever in the days before Santa arrives. Just be hopeful that your in-laws will be thankful and grateful and peaceful always. Just be optimistic that snow will arrive before Christmas. Just be merry when you receive a gift that isn’t exactly what you wanted. Just be a better person every day.