Day 20~ Tangled

I came to yoga with my hip and lower back feeling like a tangled ball of twine. For years my approach to relieving the tightness had been to squeeze harder and harder on the affected area. It sort of felt good to clench my muscles and then unclench them. Clench, unclench, repeat. Tonight Ramsay tells us to “use our limbs to stretch out the pose” and I appreciate how I’ve learned to wrap and stretch my muscles rather than clench them. It reminds me of how my mother-in-law would approach a pile of yarn that one of the grandkids had gotten into. Rather than pulling hard at twisted mess, like I would have done, she carefully and methodically pried away at the center until the tangle would almost miraculously come apart. While doing this, she often hummed to herself, which seems to be the equivalent of letting breath lead the way.