Day 19~ Confronting An Injury

I have a real talent for ignoring issues I would prefer not to deal with. This talent can take many forms – from bills to laundry to personal issues or to physical ailments. Today I rushed to an evening class after a very long day and was very happy to settle into one of my favorite classes. Towards the end, we were instructed to do a series of poses using the wall which required some hip flexibility. Well…problem is I have really no flexibility on my left side. Some kind of undefined injury that I have yet to diagnose has kind of frozen that hip in place. While I am fine not being the person in the center of the room doing the headstand, and I am more than happy to grab blocks or make adjustments to make poses work, my inability to do this pose on one side really felt quite demoralizing. It has never been more apparent that ignoring the injury and hoping it would magically go away seems not to be working. Hmmm…time to take care of myself and try to see if I identify the source of the problem perhaps?