Day 18: Yoga Control

It’s happened. Slowly and steadily, like a trudge through deep snow, but it’s definitely happened. Twenty-four days of daily yoga practice, and yoga has taken over my body and mind. I think about it when I’m planning my Christmas shopping outings. I think about it when I need to go to the super market (it’s actually a helpful procrastination tool in that department). I think about when I know I’m going to have a super-busy social weekend. I think about it when I have to work on other writing projects. I can’t plan anything until I know exactly when I’m going to squeeze in my daily trip to OTM. Good thing I like yoga. Good thing OTM has lots of excellent teachers bringing us lots of excellent yoga options. Yoga may have control over me, but it’s not because I didn’t ask for it. I’m beginning to wonder if I should try to do this for an entire year. Hmmm.