Day 18~ Feeling Grateful for OTM

Today I woke up feeling incredibly stiff, sore and achy. Not the good kind of achy that is slightly exhilarating after a hard work out, but the SH*&% I am old kind of achy that comes from, well, being old. I hit the pause button at work and went to a mid-day stretching class that literally changed my life. No exaggeration. One of the things I have become acutely aware of during this 31 day journey, is that On the Mat offers such a tremendous range of instructors and experiences. Yesterday felt like I had a high-end spa in my back yard – and no, I do not live at the Colonial Inn, I mean metaphorical backyard. Other days, a more rigorous class is available. While this sounds a bit like an OTM advertisement, as a hopefully reformed binge yoga attendee, I think it is important to remember that there are many entrance points that can meet my needs whether it is healing a soar body or getting that same body moving!