Day 17: Yoga Interior

It’s impossible to describe the level of peace and relaxation of a successful corpse pose. It doesn’t come without hard work, both physically and mentally, but when you find it, you know it. For me, it starts with tuning in to the interior environment I discover in my body on that day and at that hour. It is so very different each and every time I tune in that I marvel at the physical affects of stress and worry, of sadness and disappointment, and of joy and fulfillment. And this is just emotional energy. There’s also the nagging physical problems  – a pulled quad muscle from running, a sore rotator from tennis, a sprained ankle from a fall, a tight hamstring from sitting too much, tension in your neck and wrists from computer work, the list is endless and fluid. You don’t know what you’re going to find until you look inside. The irony of all this work is that it may not go away, even if you look for it, identify it and then breathe love and kindness into it every day. Our body is a receptacle of all that we are physically and emotionally. It is our job to notice and take care of it as best as we can.