Day 16~ Foot Block

“Bring your foot up to your thumb,” says the teacher, as we move from down dog. “Yeah, right,” I think. That level of flexibility is far beyond my aging male hips. But is it? So what if it is? Do I care? Such questions are at the heart of yoga motivation. There is an imaginary line between performing a pose to complete an external task and performing a pose to understand your inner self. Ideally, I suppose, the line should disappear altogether. After class, Sarah showed me how to use blocks under my hands in down dog to practice bringing my leg forward. Turns out I can put my foot by my thumb at the highest setting. I discover, to my surprise, that tight shoulder muscles are the first ones I feel. I assumed it would be my hips. I see that this approach could be a way to begin to lengthen and loosen my perennial problem areas. Should I work towards reaching the middle block, the lowest and then the floor? Do I get a trophy if I do?