Day 15~ Halfway Namaste

Most yoga classes incorporate Namaste at the beginning and/or end of practice. Until this year I never bothered to learn the translation of – “I bow to you” or “I bow to the divine in you.” I also learned that Namaste is an everyday respectful greeting in the Hindu community. In any case, I want to give a heartfelt Namaste to anyone who has stumbled upon my yoga musing. I am at the halfway point of my OTM blog career and in honor of this occasion, we have a special guest commentator. For those of you familiar with the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, you might have some inkling that, when Larry David encounters yoga, the results will not be pretty. Let’s just say he’s not the “light within you” kind of guy. If you are easily offended by obnoxious behavior on the part of an older, privileged man, you might want to take a pass on clicking the link. If your skin is a bit thicker, please enjoy.